Travel Insurance

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We know that unforseen events might prevent you from enjoying your holidays. In order to avoid any worry you can take out a travel insurance to cover the interruption or cancellation of your stay. Below you will find a brief summary of the coverages offered by our Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance coverages summary

Cover 1: Serious illness, serious accident or death, unexpected call for surgery, complications in pregnancy or miscarriage or organ transplant appointment for the Insured, spouse, first or second degree descendants or companion registered for the reservation or medical quarantine affecting the Insured.

Cover 2: Serious injury as a consequence of theft, fire or other similar causes that affect the residence of the Insured.

Cover 3: Dismissal of the Insured from his or her employment, provided there had been no verbal or written communication at the start of the insurance policy.

Cover 4: The Insured being called as a part or member of a jury or witness in a court hearing or as a member of an electoral board.

Cover 5: Acts of piracy in the air, on land or sea that make it impossible for the Insured to start or continue his or her journey. All terrorist acts are excluded.

Cover 6: Theft of documentation or luggage that makes it impossible for the Insured to start or continue his or her journey.

Cover 7: Due to a breakdown or accident involving the vehicle owned by the Insured or his or her spouse that prevents the journey from being duly started.

Cover 8: The Insured being called to present and sign official documents, known and notified in writing after the journey has been reserved.

A deductible corresponding to 10% of the loss will be applied for each loss, with a minimum of 70 euros.

This policy has a waiting period of 30 days. Moreover, no cover is provided for persons aged over 70.
This policy does not cover the cancellation or interruption of the booking as the result of the illness or death of accompanying pets.
This page  is entirely for guidance purposes only and under no circumstances can it be considered as defining the cover taken out or its limits. Download the full coverages summary clicking on the next link: