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An amazing weekend of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, paddle surf and Costa Brava

paddlesurf en Camping Internacional de Calonge

Come and enjoy a weekend to feel the sea and find your inner self in a deep and relaxed way. Are you interested? Follow us and we will show you how to make it come true.

2021 will be the 7th time we carry out the Paddle Surf and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga disconnection weekend, in a privileged, natural location.

The Camping Internacional de Calonge, located just 500m away from the beach and a couple of kilometers away from the Gavarres Massif, offers you a weekend of accommodation and full board, premium quality vegetarian menu and a wide programme of activities, guided by the most professional sports, water activities and yoga instructors.

Paddle Surf y Yoga en Camping Internacional de Calonge

Yoga & Paddle Surf Weekend Schedule

We start on Friday, with a welcome dinner in the Restaurant BlauVerd.  We take the opportunity to do a briefing session about the weekend’s activities and to hand out the equipment necessary for the weekend.

The next morning, with the moonlight still glowing over us, we head to the meeting point. All the equipment is already prepared: the board, the paddle and, if necessary, the wetsuit. Do not worry if it is your first time paddle surfing, our instructors will explain everything you need to know so that you do not go adrift.

We get into the water between 7:00h and 7:30h. I have never seen the sea so calm neither with that jet black colour, although it is ideal for the paddle surf practice. We row out to sea, heading to Palamós and, all of a sudden… Wow! The sun rises. At that moment, everything changes, now everything is peaceful and sleepy. I have got to say, it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Relaxation, laughter, nerves, and even some improvised dips into the sea.

Back on the sand, we clear up the equipment, get changed, grab a coffee or a herbal tea and we head towards our accommodation to get a shower and get ready for the remainder of the day.

We start the day with a class of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

It is 9:30h. We have breakfast in style at the bar. Fruit, toast, cheese, marmalade, some croissants, everything we need to recover the energy used up on the board. Once our appetite is satisfied, we have free time until 11:45h. At that time, the Sadhana of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga class starts, with our instructor Xavier Punsola.

Yoga Camping Internacional de Calonge

During the Yoga session, we feel how the body and the breathing flow in harmony to achieve greater strength and flexibility. Actually, you get really tired and you can see the work done.

At 14:00h, we meet again at Restaurant Blauverd to taste the vegetarian menu that the chef has prepared. We discuss about what to do during the remainder of the day, we laugh for a while, and after finishing a delicious meal, we have three spare hours to go to the swimming pool, to the beach or just to rest in your accommodation.

Reconnecting with oneself at the beach

We ‘re back again. It’s 17h and the breathing technique class and Nidra Yoga is about to begin on the beach. With no noise around us, just us and the sound of the sea with can breath and find our inner-self. 

Wow, my body and my mind are beginning to work in harmony. We finish the breathing class feeling like new, I think I may have even fallen asleep! It was amazing.

Yoga Camping Internacional de Calonge
Yoga Nidra

At 21:00h, dinner is served. As always, it is delicious. Needless to say, the quality of both the food and the service is outstanding.

It is time to sleep. The silence reigns at the campsite.

A new day of activities!

It is Sunday, 8:00h. The Sun greets us while we are on a Sadhana Hatha Vinyasa Yoga session. We expand the knowledge we began to learn yesterday and it seems I am getting better at flexibility. It is a pity that it is the last lesson.

A new surprise awaits: we have breakfast at the beach! Cala Cristus is special itself, but being able to enjoy it whilst having breakfast is spectacular.

The last activity of the weekend starts at 11:30h: a paddle surf tour skirting the coast. Blue sky, crystalline water, small fishes swimming beneath our feet… A true paradise!

But we cannot finish this wonderful weekend without a magic touch. A great vegetarian rice! This time the chef has outdone himself!

If you would you like to enjoy a weekend like this, book for the next one! It will take place from Friday, the 28th of May, until Sunday, the 30th of May.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via mail to [email protected], follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

See you soon!


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